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  • December 14, 2022 5 min read

    Did you know that a research done by Princeton psychologists revealed that it takes one-tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger? So that is more or less all the time you have got to form a positive opinion when you go for an airline interview or every time you greet a passenger.

    Over the years I have worked with more than 50,000 pilots and airline crew via our airline store, Rodëo Drive Leathers. In my experience, pilots and cabin crew have one of the most pleasant personalities and they dress immaculately. The image of an airline is significant to its reputation.

    “ It's a common rule among airlines that - untidy airline crew parallels messy standards. ” 

    Many of you are already working for or aspire to work for a reputed airline as a pilot or flight attendant. In the aviation industry, it is highly important for you to dress well and look presentable round the clock. Specific grooming tips in airlines are to be strictly followed by the pilots and airline crew working for it. Although you will be given grooming lessons once you sail through the initials, a little pre hand knowledge will always give you an edge.

    So if you are planning to get inked or have a trendy hair color, read this blog further and think again about your decision.
    Today, I'll give all of you aspiring pilots and airline crew some grooming tips that will help you to put your best foot forward throughout your aviation career.

    1. Always on the Fixed Route - No Personal Variations in the Uniform Shirts

    Every airline prohibits you to have personal variations or self proliferation to the pilot uniform shirts or crew uniforms.

    Some airlines may also ask you to always carry a sewing kit at all times to ensure that the uniform shirt is in good repair.

    The grooming in airline training sessions are conducted as a part of initial coaching. They emphasize maintaining the pilot shirt and how to properly accessorize their at-work look with jewelry, hairstyles, and travel bags. The main objective is to help new hires flight attendants and pilots familiarize themselves with the grooming tips in airlines and practically follow them.

    2. Always Ready To Board - Fresh Pilot Uniform Shirt

    The uniform is a matter of pride for any pilot or airline crew. Therefore wearing a freshly cleaned and ironed uniform at all times is more than a rule and is a matter of personal conduct. Most pilot uniform shirts are made of such material that creases easily. This is where Rodëo Drive takes the edge. The pilot uniform shirts made at Rodëo Drive are made with a special blend of polycotton and wrinkle-resistant material which makes them perfect for the ever-busy airline crew.


    3. Appear Uptight - Both on Flight and Land

    Pilots and airline crew are advised to maintain a good posture and carry themselves with poise whenever they are wearing the uniform shirt in public view. Flight attendants are also instructed to always be seated when they are eating in uniform and present in public view.

    Grooming standards respect is part of building the airline's standard. It is therefore essential that pilots and airline crew follow the grooming tips in airlines and that they wear the uniform components according to the company policies. At Rodëo Drive, we specialize in manufacturing custom-made pilot uniform shirts. We take the measurements online and deliver the packed pilot uniform shirts at your doorstep. We understand the need for the pilots and airline crew to appear tidy all the time while wearing their uniforms. Our pilot uniform shirts are made by single point stitch with 18-20 stitches per sq inch and have unbend collar with Italian fusing. This gives the shirts a freshly ironed look even after long hours of flight.

    4. Maintain the Sky-high standards - Tailor-made Uniform Shirt

    A lot of new hires prefer tight fit shirts and pants. But this is not allowed by major Airline Companies.

    Customized uniform shirts not only give a well-fitted look but also gives a comfortable feel even after long hours of flight. We at Rodëo Drive can make a uniform shirt that is compliant with the airline regulations and at the same time gives a "curated fit" to the individual.


    5. Hair and Makeup on Point

    Airlines generally have conventional standards in terms of appearance. Pilots and flight attendants are required to follow the grooming tips in airlines that meet the standards.

    Pilots and cabin crew are trained by professionals on grooming tips in airlines. This training includes the use of correct skincare products and following specific make-up routines.

    Female pilots and flight attendants are expected to have a styled look. They should sport appropriate hair and makeup that would complement the uniform. Male pilots and flight attendants must sport a conventional hairstyle that is suitable for a professional environment. Long hairs, shaven or sculptured hairstyles are not permitted.

    Besides these, individual airlines also have their specific rules. For example, it's a rule in American Airlines that "hairstyles may not be more than three inches in fullness and may not wave or curl outward to extreme volume".

    “Makeup should be freshened as necessary, but never in front of the customer" - it's a general rule among airlines which is also followed by American Airlines. 



    6. Grooming Tips In Airlines For Stewards 

    Airlines have specific grooming standards for the male pilots and stewards. Men usually have their skincare and shaving routine. Male pilots and stewards also need to look after their skin as they need to shave before each flight.

    Regular shaving can irritate the skin and cause dryness. I would therefore advise male pilots and flight attendants to use a shaving oil before shaving to soften the facial hairs and moisturize the area. This helps to prevent dryness and skin irritation.

    They can also use a bit of un-aromatic hair gels to manage their hairstyle or a shaving brush to apply the shaving foam or gel. Shaving brush acts as a natural exfoliator and can help to eliminate ingrown hairs.

    7. No Peekaboo With Tattoo

    This is a serious No-No for all airlines. I would recommend you to either wear a long sleeve shirt or remove the tattoo when going for an Airline job interview. I know a pilot friend who has a tattoo on wrist and therefore wears a big watch to hide it.

    We at Rodëo Drive can make perfect long sleeve uniform shirts that don't look like loose "grandfather sleeves" or half sleeve shirts that have a slightly ‘longer’ half sleeve to hide the tattoo.


    These are a few grooming tips in airlines that are essential for all the pilots, flight attendants, and those who aspire to or already work in the aviation industry. I hope this would help the pilots and cabin crew to know a bit more about the grooming and uniform conduct prevalent in the aviation industry.

    When it comes to uniform shirts and other airline accessories like travel bags, belts, leather jackets, and so on, Rodëo Drive stands a class apart. We manufacture the best leather goods and custom-made uniform shirts. One can simply visit our website, upload their custom measurements and we promise to deliver a perfect fitted uniform shirt. Our service and products have been acknowledged by several airlines like Delta Air Lines and American Airlines. At Rodëo Drive, we promise to deliver the best-crafted products to all our customers.