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Pilot Shirts
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  • Rodeo Drive, Shop No. 6 (Lobby Level), Hotel ITC Maratha, Near International Airport, Sahar Mumbai - 400099
    Email : Rodeodrive19@Gmail.Com
    Contact Person : ANIEL BAKHRU
    USA : (Call & Text) +1-540-999-5279 (Before 1pm EST)
    DUBAI (Call only) +971 (0) 50909-5214
    INDIA : (Call & Text) +91-9867023205
    FaceTime & Whatsapp & Signal : +91-986-702-3205
    7 days a week, 9am to 10pm ET-USA

  • FAQ

    Custom Pilot Shirts

    Welcome to BomCrewMall. We specialize in custom pilot shirts, pants, leather jackets.

    The first step is to order by selecting the Closest Size or Select "I DON'T KNOW", choose Fabric and all Style details and Checkout. In the comments please mention the existing Problems or Suggestions you may have. Our experts will then reconfirm details before making the Shirt.

    We recommend getting atleast 3 Shirts or more to start so we can lock down the Perfect Fit (Guaranteed!) by sending one Shirt for assessment and rest shipped in second round.

    With our experience of over 3 decades and using our algorithm we will get you the right shirt if even if ordered wrongly.


    You can order through Video call to schedule an appointment here.

    If you’re new to BomCrewMall and are thinking about ordering your First Custom Shirt Order, you may find all the various size methods a bit intimaditing. Here is basic advice we give folks who are trying to figure out whats the right approach.

    1. You can simply order by selecting the Closest Size or Select I DONT KNOW and we will get back before making the Custom Shirt.

    2. You or on a Work Layover or Back home: Schedule an online appointment. We can help you through the process smoothly. click here.

    3. If you are in Mumbai, India or Dubai UAE (please message before visit for Dubai) and have the time to come by our location Rodeo Drive in Hotel ITC Maratha or JetCrewMall LLC office in Dubai, Our experts here will take care of everything.

    4. You have a Shirt that fits perfectly (or close): Measure this shirt, by going to our Pilot Shirt Order Form.

    Or you can mail the Shirt to us in Mumbai
    Address to ship: Rodeo Drive Shop No 6, Hotel ITC Maratha, Sahar Rd,
    near International Airport, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099
    Cell 9867023205, Email rodeodrive19@gmail.com
    Note: Please email or  contact us before sending to us.

    Its easy-peasy, You can checkout by clicking I don't have Measurements, we will then email you with a request for submitting only 4 basic body measurements such as chest, stomach, hips and neck by going to our Pilot Shirt Order Form for body skin click here and send photo of you wearing existing shirt front, back and side view. The measurements are very simple to do it yourself.

    Once ordered you are on file with us. You can order online and click the box at the end of I HAVE ORDERED BEFORE and add comments in the box for changes if any and also if possible send photo of you wearing the older Shirt for tweaks if needed.

    About 12 to 14 days to produce and 1 week to deliver. Message at Checkout if urgently needed.

    Yes, Possible. As a made-to-measure Shirtmaker, we offer a wide variety of style features. BomCrewMall shirts can be fully customised that no other company has done so far for pilot uniform shirts.

    Yes, you can get your measurements taken at our Mumbai or Dubai locations. Schedule an appointment here.

    We will gladly make the changes for you, accounting for any size/style/fabric changes you see fit.

    If you already know exactly what you would like to be adjusted, you can get the shirt started by email or call.

    If you’re unsure of what exactly needs to be changed, reach out to our customer service team.

    When you Order Multiple Shirts, we first send one shirt to assess and as soon as we hear back from you we process the balance shirts and ship out with tweaks or Fabric changes in if needed.

    The First Shirt for New Order is part of the order. If theres an issue please get back to us and we can help to sort this out. Otherwise it is your Ordered Shirt to keep.

    The first shirt is part of the order and not a free shirt, if gone wrong then we work on case to case basis ensuring its righly done from the customers perspective.

    Our shirts are cut and sewn with our production team in Mumbai, India with fabrics sourced from all over the world.

    Our design team, business operations, and customer support are based in Mumbai.

    women’s CUSTOM pilot SHIRTS AS DESIRED

    When you order Women's Pilot Shirts, there are multiple options to choose such as smaller collar, longer tail length, smaller pocket, women's buttoning side, more buttons per length of the shirt, correct length for the height, hidden placket, a layer strip of fabric to hide buttons, darts for shape and taper and many more options. In all you Dictate the style and fitting.