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Custom Pilot Shirts

First, welcome to JetCrewShop. We specialize in custom pilot shirts, pants, leather jackets.

The first step would be to order selecting the fabric and all style details and checkout with the about best size you think. In the comments please mention the existing problems or suggestion you may have. Our experts will then reconfirm details before ordering. before applying your custom size! We’ll use your answers and data from thousands of satisfied customers to generate custom shirt sizes in your account.

We highly recommend only getting minimum 3 shirts to start so we can lock down the Perfect Fit (Guaranteed!) by sending one approval shirt and rest later.

When you order we ensure with our algorithm we will get you the right shirt if even if ordered wrongly.


You can order with an online video call thru help of one of our experts Mr Aniel Schedule an appointment here.

If you’re new to JetCrewShop and are thinking about ordering your first custom shirt, you may find all the various size methods a bit confusing or daunting. Here is the general advice we give folks who are trying to figure out which size method is best for them.

You want to get started: Smart Sizes: our pictorial queries leverages complex algorithms based on thousands of other customers sizes and is incredibly accurate. Generally speaking, this size method will work much much better than just selecting a standard size based on collar size, sleeve length and type of fit that normally all companies ask. We ask height weight shoulder drop etc.

You or on a Layover or Live in New York: Schedule an online appointment. Help you thru the process smoothly.

You are in Mumbai, India: If you live in Mumbai and have the time to come by our showroom Rodeo Drive in Hotel ITC Maratha then doing so can certainly produce the best fit for you in the first iteration.

Our fit experts will take your measurements, have you try on a test shirt, and really work with you to determine exactly what fit you’re going for. Conveniently you’ll also be able to see the fabrics and styles in person. Schedule an appointment here.

You have a shirt that fits perfectly (or close): Measure a shirt If you have a shirt that fits exactly how you want (or very close) and are comfortable following our Order Form and using a measuring tape, then measuring a shirt you already have at home is a great way to create your first shirt size. Follow instructions here.

You have a shirt that fits, but don’t trust your ability to measure: Mail us a shirt to copy If you have a shirt that fits exactly how you want (or very close) and don’t mind mailing the shirt to us in Mumbai, then we will be happy to have our experts measure your shirt for you. Your shirt will be returned to you when we are done. Tips for how to send in a shirt are here.

You’ve never had a shirt that fits right and you have a unique shape: Measure your Body If you don’t have a shirt that fits exactly how you want and are comfortable following our Body measure Order Form and having a friend help you out, then measuring your body at home is a great way to create your first shirt size. Follow instructions to measure your body here.

Regardless how you create your first size, we’re here to work with you. Our Perfect Fit Guarantee is unrivaled and we will do whatever we can to make sure you’re happy with your fit. Furthermore, our staff is trained to assist with alterations via the phone or email and we’ll ensure a smooth process to correcting your shirt size if your first try is not absolutely perfect.


I’ve ordered custom shirts from us before: If small tweaks needed in repeat order, then the entire pilot shirt order, 3,4,6 shirts are dispatched together.

Generally take 12 to 14 days to produce and 1 week to deliver. Message at Checkout if urgently needed.

As a made-to-measure shirtmaker, we offer a wide variety of style features. JetCrewShop shirts can be completely cusomised that no other company has done so far for pilot uniform shirts.

Yes, you can get your measurements taken at our Mumbai showroom. Schedule an appointment here.

Please note that our Mumbai showroom is not currently open for in-person appointments.

We will gladly make the changes for you, accounting for any size/style/fabric changes you see fit.

If you already know exactly what you would like to be adjusted, you can get the shirt started by email or call

If you’re unsure of what exactly needs to be changed, reach out to our customer service team. We’ll get you taken care of from there.

Sounds like you ordered 3 custom shirts or more, in which we send one shirt to test out the fit while the others remain on hold (balance). Assuming the fit of the first shirt is perfect, you can have the remainder of the order placed into production by emailing us. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you’d prefer that we complete the order on your behalf.

No mostly our first shirt is always correct, but only if it’s a major problem we replace it.

Our shirts are cut and sewn with our production team in Mumbai,India with fabrics sourced from all over the world.

Our design team, business operations, and customer support are based in Mumbai.


When you order Womens Pilot Shirts, there are multiple options to choose such as smaller collar, smaller pocket, womens buttoning side, more buttons per length of the shirt, correct length for the height, hidden placket, a layer strip of fabric to hide buttons, and last but not the least darts for shape and taper. These are options to choose from if needed. In all we ensure you will get the shirt fitting the way you desire.