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  • February 23, 2024 4 min read

    Men's wallets have a role to play in every man's life. Wallets have a vital role apart from a fashion sense. Wallets can be useful in keeping lots of stuff organized, safe, easily accessible, and so on.

    There are lots of varieties, sizes, and types of wallet, each having different functions and features. From carrying money to cards, everything can be kept safely in the wallet. Carrying a lot of stuff in different pockets can be very hectic and finding them can be time-consuming. A wallet can help to keep items in a compact and easy way together. 

    Wallets can be perfect for gifting to a partner, son, father, grandfather, boyfriend, and even male colleagues. It can be easily carried by them and make them remember the memorable moments along with remembering you.

    Types of men's wallets:

    • Biflod wallet- This type of wallet has been most popular for decades and are most liked men's wallet. From the name, it is clear that it is bi-folded and has two compartments including spaces for cards, bills, and even photos sometimes.

    Bifold Wallet

    • Trifold wallet- it has three folds, and it can be bulkier to carry due to its three folding rather a lot more spacious than other men's wallets.

    Trifold Wallet

    • Slim wallet- it has a slim design and lacks compartments or sections making it easy to carry. It has a lot more space for receipt bills, business cards, lots of cards, and IDs making more space.

    Slim Wallet

    • Card wallet- it has a single layer making room for cards, receipts, and IDs. It is small, compact, and easily fits in the front pocket or back pocket. Due to its size, it might get misplaced often.

    Card Wallet

    • Passport wallet- It is also known as a travel wallet. It is a wallet for guys who are travel lovers as it can be one of the largest wallets to be found. It can easily carry a passport and get into the backpack to secure it.

    Passport Wallet

    • Coin pocket wallet- Pennies or coins can easily fall or be misplaced while keeping the wallet. It is a modified bifold wallet and has a separate compartment for keeping coins without any worries.

    Coin pocket wallet

    • Cell phone case wallet- If you want to decrease your wallet space you can easily go for this cell phone case wallet. It can double benefits as it can work for cell phone cases as well as wallets while keeping your valuables in one place.

    Cellphone Case Wallet

    • RFID blocking wallet- Radio frequency identification or RFID is a feature of cards and some IDs. It is made of special materials that block or interrupt the radio waves. It is most commonly used in wallets to safeguard against theft due to scanning of the chip and collecting personal data.

    RFID Blocking Wallet

    • ID card wallet-  This type of wallet has a compartment where the ID can be easily visible. So it can be convenient to show the ID directly instead of searching every time, for example, a driver's license which has to be shown frequently. And, it is slim and light in weight.

    ID Card Wallet

    • Belt wallet- what can be an even worse time than getting a wallet stolen while traveling? To avoid this type of scenario, a belt wallet can be preferred while traveling as it can be a secure way to keep your cards and IDs. Just tuck in your belt and pickpockets won’t be able to steal your wallet.

    Belt Wallet

    How to choose the perfect Wallet for Guys?

    Men's wallets are useful for multiple tasks like carrying debit or credit cards, money, coins, IDs, and business cards. It is a perfect gift for men on any occasion like Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or Thanksgiving as it is useful for them and also makes them feel special. 

    It is an accessory that will be carried often. So, it should be durable and long-lasting. While selecting a perfect wallet, keep some factors in mind:

    Size/Type of the wallet- Wallets should be spacious and should have a lot of compartments. But the requirement and need for a wallet should be considered. Considering what it will be used for like traveling, as a cardholder, or both. Then select the perfect one from the men's wallet types.

    Material of the wallet- leathers can be of many types. The material should be selected according to the budget and look. Some types of leather can give a premium look whereas some can look similar but at a cheaper price. Remember that the type of material from which men's wallets are made can determine the looks and durability of the product.

    Color of the wallet- wallets can be of various types and colors so they should be chosen with some precision. It can enhance the look if it is selected carefully and if you already know about the receiver's taste. Black, gray, and brown can be easily picked as they can go with any outfit.

    Compartment/pockets- Many types of wallets have dedicated compartments for cards, IDs, money, and coins. Consider the use of a wallet before selecting one. So that it could be easier to organize the items in the wallet.

    Quality- While purchasing a leather wallet, you should be aware that it has many types. Each type can determine the quality of the product and whether it will be long-lasting and durable. Some leather can be very durable and also enrich the look. So you should choose wallets from some trustworthy brands or stores. 

    Bomcrewmall Men's Wallet Collection:

    Bomcrewmall offers a premium quality  men's wallet collection loved by men and can be perfect for gifting. While selecting a wallet for guys, remember that it can play a vital role in their lives. So, carefully consider the terms of requirements and use of the wallet. 

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