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by Aniel Bakhru November 24, 2022 4 min read

It's an honor to dedicate this page to the Aviation community. 

Tim Powell, as we fondly call him “Mule”. The reason being as Ex-Con (former Continental pilot) on Mumbai trips, he would always offer to carry packages/orders for other pilots as a help to us. Tim is very down to earth, humorous, and a good family man. 

We are glad to have Tim Powell from United Airlines to feature as Rodëo Drive's Pilot Of The Month for December. 


At Rodëo Drive - 

“Customer satisfaction is always the priority.” 

Hi, I'm Aniel Bakhru, engineer, entrepreneur, and founder of Rodëo Drive, an Online & Offline Airline Crew Store. 

I have been associated with the aviation industry and have been working with Pilots and Flight Attendants since 1991. All our products have been evolved with inputs and insights from airline crew over the years which has also helped us in getting recommendations from US Companies. Thank you for supporting Team Rodëo Drive and our artisan families. 


Below are a few words that we received from Tim Powell. 

Let’s Check-In! 


1.Your name is?

I am Tim Powell.


2.When was the first time you flew an airplane?

I flew an airplane for the first time when I was 25 years old and have flown 17500+ hours till date. 


3.What made you decide to become a pilot? 

My love for airplanes drove me to become a pilot. 


4.Since how long have you been flying?

It's been years since I have been flying. I have lost count of the time! 


5.What change has flying brought in you?

Flying has made me calm and composed. 


6.What does"Landing" mean to you?

Every landing for me is a new thrill. 


7.You begin a "Takeoff" with?

Takeoffs for me begin with a special ritual. 


8.What does your "Co-Pilot" mean to you?

My Co-pilot is my Quintessential Person for the journey. 


9.What words do you live by?

The words I live by are “Don’t worry about what you cannot control and take care of making yourself happy first. If you are happy with yourself, positive people will want to be around you”. 


10.What does "Flying" mean to you? 

Flying is my First Love! 


11.One landing you'll never forget?

The one landing I will never forget is flying through a line of heavy thunderstorms at night in a Cessna 152 without having a clue to how dangerous and stupid that was. Only when I landed and saw the weather radar did it sink in. 


12. A flight event that changed you? 

Aniel, you would know about this. When Jeff Rice and I visited your shop before Christmas one year, he picked up a few things you made for him. He was always such a nice, friendly guy and a real pleasure to fly with. After we got back to the states, he died a few weeks later, on new year’s eve. I was heartbroken and shocked and it made me realize how fleeting life can be and we shouldn’t take it for granted. 


13.A heroic deed you have never spoken about before?

When my kids were in grade school, I would always make sure the less fortunate kids would always be able to partake in field trips and out of school activities. I let the teachers know that if any child couldn’t afford to participate, I would foot the bill – anonymously. 


14. Ever had a difficult passenger?

As a new Captain at the regional level, I had an FO with whom I had never flown with told me at our first meeting: “The only reason you’re a Captain before me is because of seniority and I have more hours in this plane than you. I’m a good FO but I won’t kiss your ass!” 


15. What's your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement is buying a one-way ticket to Japan after college to teach English and work in Japan. 


16.What would you have done without Aniel and Rodëo Drive?

What would I have done without Aniel and Rodëo Drive! 

Aniel introduced me to so many things besides his products like his family and culture. 

I bought plenty of nice gifts for friends and family from Rodëo Drive that I couldn’t get at home.
My “Mumbai Bag”, the commuter bag which is so functional and sturdy. Going on 10+ years now and it has aged well. It’s like my “50 mission hat!” and I only wear Aniel's Custom-made Pilot Shirts. 


17. Any advice for passengers or new-hire pilots in this COVID environment?

In this COVID environment, I would advise all the airline crew to enjoy the good times because they are fleeting. The airline industry is cyclic and downturns are inevitable. Complaining about the best job in the world only makes the downtimes so much worse. Enjoy what you have every day you’re in the cockpit. 


Thank you for giving us your time and sharing your intimate memories and experiences with all of us. 

Wishing you Blue Skies & Fresh Wings!

Aniel Bakhru
Aniel Bakhru

Aniel Bakhru is the visionary behind Bomcrewmall, a company that has revolutionized the pilot uniform industry with its bespoke Made 2 Measure pilot Uniform Shirts and pilot Leather Jackets. With over 30 years of experience, Aniel has a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of pilots when it comes to their uniforms. He has taken into account the valuable inputs from pilots to design a process for making shirts and jackets that not only look sharp but also fit like a glove. He realises the importance of quality and supply chain. If spoken like a “Cook”, he would say bomcrewmall cooks its own raw materials, fabric and leathers (from looms and tannery) with his own secret recipes. His interest in fashion and design led him to explore the world of uniform making, which ultimately led to the birth of Bomcrewmall. He firmly believes that a well-designed pilot shirt and jacket can not only enhance the professional image of a pilot but also boost their confidence.

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