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  • March 08, 2024 3 min read

    Choosing the right pilot shirt is crucial for any aviator. It's not just about looking professional; it's about comfort, functionality, and durability during those long hours in the cockpit. With a variety of options available, it can be challenging to know what features matter most. 

    This blog post will guide you through the 10 key features to look for in a pilot shirt, ensuring you make an informed choice that meets all your needs.

    Key Features We’ll Explore:

    1. Fabric Type
    2. Fit Options
    3. Sleeve Length Adjustability
    4. Inner Sweat Collar Band
    5. Monogram Customization
    6. Pen Slot
    7. Pocket Flap Style
    8. Collar Stiffener
    9. Shoulder Drop
    10. Posture Adjustments

    1. Fabric Type

    The fabric of your pilot shirt plays a pivotal role in your overall comfort and appearance. Here’s a list of fabrics that we offer for our shirts. You can read about their features as well.

    • Lockheed PolyCotton: Offers wrinkle resistance and easy maintenance, ideal for home wash and wear.
    • Falcon Twill: Features high-quality yarn with natural stretch, enhancing comfort.
    • PolyBamboo: An organic bamboo blend perfect for hot, humid summers due to its moisture-wicking properties.
    • Royce: Our premium option that is durable, breathable, and wrinkle-free but requires more care for a crisp look.
    • Miami: A comfortable and durable cotton blend, suitable for home wash or dry clean, offering a crisp appearance.
    • Atmos: Crafted from sustainable Egyptian Giza Cotton, offering a luxurious feel with a need for dry cleaning and heavy starch.

    2. Fit Options

    Comfort in the cockpit starts with the right fit. Check out if get option to suit body type. Examples of body type are slim fit, regular fit, comfort fit, and loose fit. It’s imp that you find the perfect match for your physique and personal style.

    3. Sleeve Length Adjustability

    Check if the pilot shirts come with the option to adjust sleeve lengths from short to tall, catering to diverse arm lengths.

    4. Inner Sweat Collar Band

    To enhance comfort during long flights, check if the shirts include the option for an inner sweat collar band, helping to keep you dry and comfortable.

    5. Monogram Customization

    Check if you can add a personal touch to your pilot shirt with a monogram customization option. This will allow you to have a professional and personalized appearance.

    6. Pen Slot

    For convenience and functionality, check if shirts can include a pen slot, ensuring that you always have a pen handy when you need it.

    7. Pocket Flap Style

    Check if you have the option to choose from various pocket flap styles, including button flap and velcro flap, to match your preferences and needs.

    8. Collar Stiffener

    Maintain a sharp, professional look with a collar stiffener option, ensuring your shirt collar stays crisp and in place.

    9. Shoulder Drop

    For those with specific posture needs, check if there’s an option to adjust the shoulder drop, ensuring comfort and a tailored fit.

    10. Posture Adjustments

    Review if the shirts can be customized to accommodate different body postures.


    A pilot shirt is more than just a uniform; it's a symbol of professionalism and dedication. With these 10 features in mind, you can choose a shirt that not only looks professional but also provides the comfort and functionality needed to perform at your best. 

    Visit our flight pilot shirts collection to discover a range of high-quality pilot shirts designed with the modern aviator in mind. Let us help you find the perfect pilot shirt that meets all your needs.


    Q1: What makes PolyBamboo fabric ideal for summer flying? 

    PolyBamboo fabric is ideal for summer due to its moisture-wicking properties, keeping pilots cool and dry in hot, humid conditions.

    Q2: Can I customize my pilot shirt to fit my body posture? 

    Yes, our pilot shirts offer customization options to accommodate different body postures, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

    Q3: What is the benefit of a monogram on a pilot shirt?  

    A monogram adds a personal touch to your pilot shirt, enhancing its professional appearance.

    Q4: How do I choose the right fit for my pilot shirt? 

    Consider your body type and personal comfort preferences when choosing between slim, regular, comfort, and loose fit options.

    Q5: Why is a collar stiffener important in a pilot shirt? 

    A collar stiffener keeps the shirt collar crisp and in place, ensuring a sharp, professional look throughout the day.

    Q6: What fabric offers the best combination of durability and comfort? 

    Our Royce fabric is premium, durable, breathable, and maintains a crisp look, offering an excellent balance of durability and comfort.

    By focusing on these key features, you can ensure that your pilot shirt stands up to the demands of the job while keeping you comfortable and looking your best.