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  • October 26, 2022 3 min read

    Are you one of those frequent travelers who always follow their instincts and rarely unpack? Do you like to travel to lesser-known places which flourish amidst nature? Are you a pilot, a flight attendant, or a passionate travel enthusiast? Whatever your reason may be, a sleeping bag is a must for you if you like being on the go!

    Hi, I'm Aniel Bakhru, an entrepreneur and founder of the celebrated airline store, Rodëo Drive. We master in creating pilot uniform shirts, aircrew accessories, and all kinds of travel gear. We provide our services both online and offline and make sure that you get the best quality products always.

    As a perk of my occupation, I have had the opportunity to associate closely with many pilots, flight attendants, and travel enthusiasts. In these associations, I have often come across the topic of having proper sleep and how uncomfortable it is to rest in sleeping bags, especially when it comes to "personal hygiene". And that's where the idea of making the perfect sleeping bag flourished.

    Essentially, a sleeping bag is a textile product made with the intent of creating a cocoon for people in cold outdoor atmospheres. Sleeping bags are widely used in relief work, field training, rescue departments, and are gradually becoming a common gear for ordinary people who are keenly interested in traveling and recreation. The sleeping bags today are often equipped with many facilities to provide utmost comfort to the user.

    Today, I'm going to introduce you to the premium quality Bunk Crew Sleeping Bag manufactured exclusively at Rodëo Drive. 


    According to research45% of Americans claim that their daily life has been affected by poor sleep at least once in the last 7 days. Decrease of attention span, productivity of work, and so on are common problems that arise due to lack of sleep. So what should you do to handle sleeping problems if you are a frequent traveler? Simple. Just get yourself a Crew Sleeping Bag made by Rodëo Drive!


    Our Crew Sleeping Bags are -

            • Made of 100% Egyptian Cotton,

            • Are extremely Soft and Comfortable to sleep in,

            • Come with a Pillowcase holder to provide you a proper headrest,

            • Can be Compactly packed into a 10*8-inch back pack and,

            • Comes at an affordable price of $65.00 only!

    • Crafted for your Comfort!

    Our Bunk Crew Sleeping Bags are designed from 100% Egyptian Cotton which makes them extremely soft, comfortable, and breathable to rest in.

    It can be often too stuffy for the crew to sleep in the restricted space in the cabin. Our Crew Sleeping Bags are ideal for sleeping in the cabin space as they are made of 100% Egyptian cotton which is a breathable fabric. It allows proper circulation of air, thus decreasing the humidity inside the sleeping bag. This in turn helps a person to relax properly.

    • Say NO to Synthetic Sleeping bags!

    The advantage of a 100% Cotton sleeping bag over a cheaper synthetic sleeping bag is that there is no "static". Made with 100% cotton, our Crew Sleeping Bag is breathable and the way it cocoons you is such that you will not need a sleeping pill "Ambien".


    • Pillowcase in a Sleeping Bag? Yes Please!

    The lack of having a proper headrest can often result in one having neck aches, backaches, and discomfort while sleeping. At Rodëo Drive, we have incorporated a pillowcase arrangement in our Crew Sleeping Bag to secure your head.


    • Twist and Turns are a must for Sleep. 

    We understand your habit of twisting and turning while sleeping. So we have worked one step further and put up extra material on the sides of our Crew Sleeping Bag. It is to make sure that you always stay secure and don't come out of the bag even if you roll over sideways.


    • And what about the weight of the Sleeping bag you ask?

    Well, at Rodëo Drive, we aim to provide you with the most comfortable products, and this stands true for our Crew Sleeping Bag too. Made with the newest technology, upgraded stitching procedures, and 100% Egyptian Cotton, our Crew Sleeping Bags are light, compact, and breathable. They can easily be packed into a bag size of 10 inches by 8 inches. So you can put it inside any carriage bag and dismiss your worries about carrying extra luggage or displaying your sleeping bag. 

    Our Crew Sleeping Bags have various applications like,

             • Crew bunks in airplanes

             • Motor homes

             • Camping

             • Staying in cheaper hotels

             • For personal hygiene

    So next time when you are planning for a trip don't forget to buy a Crew Sleeping Bag from Rodëo Drive!