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Pilot Shirts
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  • March 09, 2023 5 min read

    Is the pilot shirt material uncomfortable? Is the neck too tight? Is the shirt length or tail too short? As a woman pilot do you find your pilot uniform shirt too masculine? These are just a few problems that you may have encountered in your flying career. I can just imagine how uncomfortable it can be for a pilot to wear an ill-fit pilot shirt for long hours of flight! This thought provoked the beginning of our airline store, Rodëo Drive, where we provide pilots and cabin crew from various airlines with the nicest uniform shirts that fit them perfectly, accentuate their shape in the best possible way, and yet feel comfortable after long hours of flight.

    Hi, I'm Aniel Bakhru, a mechanical engineer now an entrepreneur, working with the aviation community offline and online through our airline store, Rodëo Drive, since 1991. Having worked with over 500,000 pilots, I am able to customize and provide my pilot customers turned friends, products as per their custom needs.

    One such product is our Made to Measure, Custom Pilot Shirts which are also known as Bespoke Pilot Shirts.

    At Rodëo Drive, we manufacture the best pilot uniform shirts. If I were to highlight their qualities then I would say that they have

    • Single Point Invisible Stitch,
    • Comfortable, Breathable, and Long-lasting Fabric,
    • Wrinkle-resistant Fabric,
    • Machine Washable,
    • Easy to Iron, and
    • Can be worn in all Climates and Weather Conditions.

    Today I'm going to talk a bit more about what makes the Pilot Uniform Shirts manufactured at Rodëo Drive ideal for the airline pilots -

    1. Wrinkle-resistant Material with Ironclad Warranty

    I have already discussed in my previous blog, how important it is for pilots to have a good shirt. I cannot even imagine one of my pilot friends wearing a creased shirt or a shirt that gets charred or shiny when ironed or requires more time for ironing. At Rodëo Drive, we make sure to create the best pilot uniform shirts from wrinkle-resistant materials that are extremely easy to iron and look fresh for a longer period.

    Wrinkle-resistant, Machine Washable Pilot Uniform Shirt

    2. Machine Washable Pilot Uniform Shirts

    I have a brisk idea about how hectic the schedule of the pilots can be. With long hours of back to back flights, red-eye flights, airline delays, and so on, it sometimes takes days to get accustomed to home time. At Rodëo Drive, we take it as a responsibility to manufacture machine-washable quality uniform shirts so that the pilots do not have to fuss about expensive dry cleaning. We manufacture the best pilot uniform shirts that are ideal for busy pilots who do not have the time to dry clean their uniform shirts outside. We can also tailor the uniform shirts with a special fabric for those pilots who prefer to dry clean. There is small percentage of pilots who prefer breathable 100% cotton fabric. These fabrics can be dry cleaned, starched, and worn.

    3. Single-needle Thread Stitch or Single Point Stitch Shirts

    Would you ever buy a shirt that is sloppily stitched with the threads clearly visible? I will never buy such a shirt for myself or ever give one to my pilot friends. I believe the stitching in shirts should be strong and blend seamlessly with the fabric of the shirt. That is why we practice the single-needle thread stitching method to make the best pilot uniform shirts at Rodëo Drive. Single-needle thread stitch is also known as lockstitch and is an old-school but correct method to stitch a shirt. Moreover, this stitching method provides a seamless stitch look to the pilot uniform shirts and helps to keep them wrinkle-free.

    4. Custom Made as per Airline Rules and Compliance

    I have pilot friends working in various airline companies and I have noticed that their uniforms often have small details in terms of design and aesthetics that make their pilot uniforms unique. Different airlines have their own set of codes and rules in terms of their uniforms that the pilots and cabin crew must follow. At Rodëo Drive, we take care to manufacture the best pilot uniform shirts as per the codes and rules set by their airline.

    Long-lasting & Comfortable Pilot Uniform Shirts

    5. Fitting of the Pilot Uniform Shirt

    I often tell my pilot friends that 'A perfect pilot deserves an immaculately fitted shirt'. I sincerely believe that every professional deserves a uniform that suits them flawlessly and it stands true for my pilot friends too. We take special care while creating the best pilot uniform shirts at Rodëo Drive to make sure that they are flattering and comfortable.


    6. Suitable for All-Weather Conditions

    My friends working as pilots for commercial airlines have to work in all kinds of weather for appreciably long hours and in different countries. I have often seen some pilots look really uncomfortable in their uniform due to heat, cold, or perspiration and it made me wonder why not make the uniform shirts with such a material that would be suitable for all weather conditions, including a tropical climate.

    That's when I came across Egyptian Cotton and Polycotton and I have never looked back! The pilot uniform shirts at Rodëo Drive are made of polycotton. Polycotton is a blend material that I would recommend to the pilots who prefer uniform shirts that are wrinkle-free and machine washable. Egyptian cotton material is used in 100% cotton uniform shirts. Uniform shirts made from Egyptian cotton are breathable and get no static in an airplane. I recommend polycotton shirts to the pilots who have a little time to self handle their uniform shirts.

    7. Long-lasting Material

    When I go to buy a shirt, I don't just invest money but also time and energy. Therefore I find it really practical if the material of the shirt doesn't wear off easily and is long-lasting.

    We always make the best pilot uniform shirts at Rodëo Drive from Polycotton and pure cotton material that lasts for a longer time and always gives a fresh new look.

    What makes the Pilot Uniform Shirts from Bomcrewmall so special?

    Uniform shirts at Bomcrewmall are specially crafted for my pilot friends, keeping in mind their requirement to look fresh and crisply dressed even after long hours of flight and also feel comfortable. We make well-fitted, easy to iron, machine washable, and wrinkle-resistant uniform shirts for both male and female pilots having various body shapes and working in different airlines and have been trusted as the supplier of the best Pilot uniform shirts across many countries and airlines.

    We use a Proprietary special blend of polycotton fabric, custom made in a loom which is 35% cotton and 65% polyester, which makes the custom made pilot uniforms wrinkle-resistant and machine washable. We also use Egyptian cotton that is 100% cotton and makes the pilot uniform shirts made from it highly breathable and comfortable to wear in all weather conditions.

    After finishing and manufacturing the pilot uniform shirts we machine wash them again, iron them inside out so that they don't lose their texture, and pack to deliver them at your doorstep.

    We listen to the pilots' shirt problems and keep improving our shirts. That’s a huge value-added to our shirts.

    Still thinking how to find the best Pilot Uniform Shirt? Simple. Get one from Rodëo Drive.