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  • July 03, 2023 4 min read

    In this blog, we will discuss what are shirt plackets and also explain different types of shirt plackets.

    What are shirt plackets?

    A shirt placket is an important component of your shirt. The shirt placket is the part of your shirt where the buttonholes are placed. It is made with a double layer of fabric. 

    The placket enhances the overall look and appeal of the shirt design. It also provides reinforcement to the buttons and prevents the fabric from stretching around the buttonholes.

    Shirt plackets also provide ease of movement and flexibility, allowing the wearer to comfortably put on or take off the shirt. What’s more? Placket enhances the style and overall appeal of the shirt.

    Types of Shirt Plackets

    There are a variety of shirt plackets, each with its own distinct features and design characteristics. Know the different types of shirt plackets below:

    1. Standard Placket

    Image showing a man wearing a shirt with standard placket

    It is the most common placket that has a folded strip of fabric sewn into the front opening of the shirt. This placket extends from collar to the bottom helm.

    Majority of formal shirts feature a standard placket design. These type of shirts give a professional look and look great with a fancy tie. 

    2. French Placket

    Example of French Placket

    In the French placket, the material of the shirt is folded towards the underside. It does not have a visible fold or topstitching on the front of the shirt, giving you a clean and minimalistic look. Such a seamless design adds a touch of sophistication, it makes you look like a true gentleman.

    The absence of visible stitching gives a polished and refined finish. With a plain and sober look, shirts with French placket designs can be worked in both casual and business events. They just have one disadvantage - ironing them might be a hassle, and hence you can give in the laundry.

    3. Front Placket

    Example of Front Placket in a shirt. A white male wearing a light blue shirt

    Front placket is the most common placket type. Front placket has two variations - fused and soft. In fused front placket, the fabric is folded back over and sewn with a fused interlining to give it a neat and crisp appeal. Fused front placket type shirt is less prone to wrinkles and retain its shape. 

    The soft placket is similar to fused front placket, but has a soft and unfused construction. It does not use adhesive backing unlike fused front placket. Soft placket design is commonly found in casual shirts, as it offers a casual and relaxed look. 

    4. Cover Placket (Fly Front)

    Example of hidden placket. It is also known as covered placket

    If you’re looking for one of the most formal options, select the fly front or covered shirt placket. The fly front placket features another layer of fabric to cover the buttons below it.

    It gives you an effortless and most polished look with no visible openings or stitching on the front of the shirt. Furthermore, it enhances the clean lines of the garment. This placket type is also called hidden placket as all the buttons and fasteners are hidden. We offer this hidden placket selection option in our women pilot shirts.

    The fly front design is commonly seen in tuxedos and other formal attire. It offers a sleek and minimalistic appearance, one that is perfect for achieving a refined and elegant look. 

    5. Popover Placket

    Example of popover placket

    If you’re finding a laid back yet a stylish shirt design, choose the popover placket shirt. Just pop the shirt over your head, close the three buttons and you’re good to go!

    The popover placket gives a casual look and hence, this design is common in casual shirts, summer styles and resort wear clothing. It looks similar to a polo shirt. If you want to ace the sporty look, popover placket shirt can be your best bet!

    6. Box Placket

    Box placket shirt. A man wearing a tuxedo white shirt with box placket

    Box placket has a distinctive rectangular shape and visible stitching along the edges. The placket extends from the collar to the lower part of the shirt. It creates a symmetrical opening.

    Box placket designs are typically found in formal shirts like dress shirts or shirts worn with suits. These shirts are top choice to ace a classic and formal look on professional occasions or special occasions like reception ceremonies. 

    7. Western Placket

    Example of western placket shirt

    Western placket is also called cowboy placket. This placket has snaps instead of buttons as it truly embodies the Western or the American spirit.

    The functional design features pointed ends that extend beyond the shirt collars down to the front opening. It adds a touch of western flair to shirts, making it a popular choice for cowboy shirts and rodeo outfits. 

    8. No Front Placket

    Example of no front placket shirt. Image shows a man wearing a light blue shirt

    No front placket design features no fold-back placket. It has a clean and modern appeal. This design is found in both casual and formal shirts. 


    How to Select the Right Placket Style?

    When selecting the right placket style, here are a few factors to consider:

    1. Style of the Shirt

    Covered or standard plackets would be ideal for formal shirts while box or western plackets would go well for casual shirts. 

    2. Fabric Type & Weight

    Lighter fabrics may pair well with soft or invisible plackets, while sturdier fabrics can handle the structure of a fused or box placket. 

    Bottom Line

    The shirt placket plays a significant role in both the functionality and style of a garment. Whether opting for a standard, French, box, covered, invisible, or other variation, choosing the right placket style enhances the overall look and feel of a shirt, showcasing individuality and attention to detail.

    At Bomcrewmall, we specialize in making men and women uniform pilot shirts for pilots from Delta, Fedex, UPS, United and much more. We offer free shipping to all countries for an order value above $199. If you have any queries, please feel free to interact with out support team.