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  • October 18, 2022 6 min read

    Non-stop traveling comes with its own pros and cons. Although it allows someone to see and explore various places, they also toil with adapting to different environments and struggle with carrying around their pieces of luggage. 

    This stands true for commercial pilots too and after years of associating with the aviation community, I understand your struggle with luggage and why a sustainable travel bag is a must for you. 

    Nowadays, pilots, airline crews, or frequent travelers prefer customized travel bags that last long and are easy to carry along. Today I'm going to catalog for you some premium yet affordable travel bags available at Rodëo Drive Leather.

    Hi, I'm Aniel Bakhru, an entrepreneur working with the aviation community through our airline store, Rodëo Drive, since 1991. In this blog, I am going to walk you through the various travel bags along with the designs and customizations that can be done in them to make your journey smooth and hassle-free. 

    The travel bags I'm going to discuss here are - 

    1. Regular Airside Pilot Bag/Commuters Bag 

    2. Paperless Airside Pilot Backpack/Electronic Flight Bags 

    3. Collapsible Wine Bags

    4. Folding Leather Backpacks 

    5. Folding Leather Duffel Bags (Gym Bags) 

    6. Folding Duffel Bags or Tote Bags 

    7. Leather Tote Bag 

    Now let us delve into the details of what each of our travel bags has to offer. 

    1. Regular Airside Pilot Bag/Commuters Bag 

    The first bag which I suggest to my friends from the aviation industry or the customers who often travel is the Regular Airside Pilot Bag or Commuter Bag. This bag is multi-functional, spacious, comfortable to carry, and is a perfect size carry-on for frequent travelers. 

    This bag is evolved with over 15,000 pilot inputs and includes over 25 years. The Regular Airside Pilot Bag or Commuter Bag is specially designed for commuter pilots but is ideal for pilots or cabin crew who have a suitcase or trolley of medium height or Cargo Pilots who are on a trip consisting of 15-Day minimum. 

    Regular Airside Pilot Bag/Commuters Bag

    The Regular Airside Pilot Bags or Commuters Bags are adorned with various attractive features like - 

    1. An outer pocket for holding magazines or Tablets. 

    2. Two side zipper pockets 

    3. Protection from Suitcase J-Hook, when loaded on a roller board handle-bars. 

    These bags are perfect for heavy-duty use and can also be flattened and stacked aside in the bare minimum space, thanks to its detachable bottom. 

    The Regular Airside Bag/Commuter Bag from the house of Rodëo Drive is made from Pure Leather. They have the best hardware and are also fitted with genuine YKK Japanese zippers to last you for a longer period of time. 

    2. Paperless Airside Pilot Backpack/Electronic Flight Bag 

    Heavy backpacks are an absolute NO for any pilot or airline crew simply because it doesn't comply with the airline uniform policy. Whether pilots or regular travelers, we all use portable technology today but carrying electronic devices consumes a lot of space in our travel bag. So if you depend on gadgets as much as I do and cannot travel without a multitude of electronic devices like iPADs, iPods, Tablets, Headsets, and so on, then our Paperless Airside Pilot Bag or Electronic Flight Bag is perfect for you! 

    The Paperless Airside Pilot bags and Electronic Flight Bags are ideal for pilots who love their gadgets as they provide enough space for comfortably carrying various electronic devices on board. 

    As affirmed by our customer Captain John Billon - 

    "Aniel's leather goods and products are excellent and made to last. His airside bag is essential for all pilots who commute.

    Paperless Airside Pilot Backpack/Electronic Flight Bag

    The design of this pilot bag easily fits the roller board and it has hidden backpack straps to make it into a backpack. The Paperless Airside Pilot Bags/Electronic Flight Bags manufactured at Rodëo Drive have a variety of features such as - 

    1. A Back Deep Pocket arrangement to safely carry your personal items. 

    2. An Expandable Front Pocket and Outside Pockets that can easily accommodate up to two tablets which is a plus for the pilots who are self-proclaimed gadget freaks.


    3. Collapsible Wine Bags 

    Do you always drink your favorite alcohol or are you a wine connoisseur and like to take back with you exquisite wine from the places you travel to? For such pilots and airline crew who need to or like to carry their alcohol on board, I recommend the Collapsible Wine Bags custom made by us at Rodëo Drive.  

    These Collapsible Wine bags are really fashionable and come with exquisite facets like - 

    1. They can accommodate up to six wine bottles easily, with each collapsible side carrying up to three wine bottles. 

    2. While carrying three wine bottles, the other section is invisible and packed away, giving the bag a clean look. 

    3. They come with an inside zipper meant to store dry ice which is perfect for the pilots who like to keep their wine chilled. 

    4. The velcro strap in the wine bags makes them secure and comfortable to slide over any rollaboard handlebars. This saves the collapsible wine bags from getting damaged and makes them last longer. 

    The Collapsible Wine bags thus stand fit to their name and are ideal for carrying wine bottles and other drinks for the layovers, vacations, or cruise holidays. 

    I would even go to the extent and say that this travel bag is a perfect gift for the people who "got everything"! 

    Collapsible Wine Bags

    At Rodëo Drive, we make the outer part of the Collapsible Wine bags with cowhide leather which gives it a luxurious yet tough structure on the outside and the collapsible part with lambskin which naturally deters dirt and bacteria. We also provide these collapsible wine bags in nylon making it an excellent choice for rough users like the commercial pilots who need to travel a lot or those civilians who like to shop in the duty-free lounges of the airports. 

    4. Folding Leather Backpack 

    Traveling somewhere and then not being able to zip up the bags due to extra luggage is a real-life problem! For such shopping lovers, the Folding Leather Backpack or "Layover Go-Bag" is ideal as a collapsible travel bag for backup. 

    The Folding Leather Backpack made at Rodëo Drive is - 

    1. Sleek quality leather bag 

    2. Have great storage capacity when unfolded and is best to fit in some extra luggage

    2. Easy to carry, and is a great option for travelers. 

    Folding Leather Backpack

    5. Folding Leather Duffel Bag (Gym Bag) 

    Most pilots, I know, love to stay in shape and do not compromise with their workout sessions. The foldable Leather Duffel Bags or backup travel Commuter Bags are great as fold-up gym bags for those who visit the gym religiously. 

    The Folding Leather Duffel Bags at Rodëo Drive are - 

    1. Crafted from genuine leather 

    2. Can fit perfectly into the side pockets of commuter bags 

    3. Great for carrying extra luggage making them ideal as carry-on bags on shopping trips,

    and are best for airline crews and people who often travel. 

    Folding Leather Duffel Backpack

    6. Folding Duffel or Tote Bag 

    The Folding Duffel Bags or Tote Bags at Rodëo Drive are - 

    1. Made from genuine leather 

    2. Come with functional pockets even when they are folded 

    3. Open into fully functional tote bags with multiple zipper pockets when unfolded. 

    These bags are my personal favorite and I recommend the Folding duffel bags or Tote bags to travelers, pilots, and crew members who do not like to carry heavy travel bags and prefer compact and fashionable traveling accessories. 

    Folding Duffel or Tote Bag

    7. Leather Tote Bag 

    Are you a pilot couple or do you like the trend of carrying unisex bags? Whatever might be your reason, the unisex Leather Tote Bag from Rodëo Drive is the perfect travel bag for you. One of our all-time best-sellers, the Leather Tote Bag is made of premium quality leather and has a brilliant black or brown color. 

    This unisex Leather Tote Bag is perfect as a carryon bag and features - 

    1. Two big zip pockets 

    2. Six slots to fit your cellphone, water bottle, and reading magazine 

    3. Top zip to secure and durable leather shoulder straps to carry it around 

    4. Five bottom feet to keep it standing in place 

    5. Designed to suit both men and women 

    6. Made with premium leather and has suede-look lining on the inside 

    6. Spacious to carry personal belongings 

    All these qualities make the Leather Tote Bag from Rodëo Drive a must to have a travel bag for all the pilots, cabin crews, and frequent travelers. 

    Leather Tote Bag

    Rodëo Drive is a pioneer in all kinds of leather products including pilot bags for the aviation community and travelers. When it comes to leather, Rodëo Drive has a reputation for the quality jackets and travel bags made from genuine leather that can survive heavy-duty usage and last long. We provide our customers with various options for customization of their leather bags so that they find absolute comfort while traveling and our products are trusted by several pilots and airline crew from around the globe. 

    Are you looking for your ideal travel bag? Check out our brochure on Rodëo Drive’s website.