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Cashmere Care Guide

Wash and Care Instructions for Your Cashmere Stole:

Hand Wash Only:

Wash your Cashmere Stole by hand in chilly cold water using a mild detergent. Avoid using the washing machine, as it may cause damage.

Quick Soak and Rinse:

Submerge the stole briefly, soak, and rinse in cold water. Keep it simple to preserve the fabric.

Press Out Water:

Gently press out excess water after rinsing. No need for special treatment; just squeeze between towels.

Lay Flat to Dry:

Lay the stole flat to air dry. No fancy arrangements needed—just flatten it out on a towel.

Avoid Heat:

Keep it away from direct heat and sunlight during drying. Find a shaded spot to maintain color.

Fold and Store:

When not in use, fold the Cashmere Stole and store it. No need for padded hangers; a regular one will do.

Beware of Moths:

Store it in a plastic bag or container with cedar balls to deter moths. It's an extra step to keep it safe.

Occasional Dry Cleaning:

While professional cleaning is an option, it's not necessary. But, we recommend occasional drycleaning. The hand wash should suffice for regular maintenance.

Keep it simple, and your Cashmere Stole should last. These steps will help you maintain its basic beauty without too much fuss.