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Let’s fight the Covid Economic crisis together!

Pray and hope everyone of you and yours are healthy and safe.

The Covid-2019 crisis is going to change businesses as we know. This pandemic is going to create a “New Normal” which is going to be a challenge for any business/ employee. However, we cannot give up and must adapt and innovate. We can either SOAR or SINK.

As a business owner since 1991, I have 41 workers and their families to support. Currently, my long term mission is sustainability rather than profitability. If any of y’all have an idea for a Product/ Service needed in North America/ Europe and if that Product/Service can be outsourced from India, I would be glad to assist to help manufacture, supply and carry out all the logistics for the same.

Advantages of working from India are stronger US $/ Euro € relative to Indian Rupee, not made in PRC, and not to forget the stamp of working with Aniel Bakhru

Please let me know of your views on my personal email : Call/text : 540-999-5279 before 2pm EST.
Whatsapp : +919867023205
Stay Safe, Stay Isolated Strength & Honor Aniel Bakhru