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by Saurabh Mishra April 28, 2023 3 min read

As pilots soar high in the blue sky, the uniform they wear is like a stamp of professionalism, expertise and authority. The pilot shirt is a key element that sets the tone of a pilot’s appearance and demeanour. 

It is much more than a piece of clothing, it’s a reflection of a pilot’s personality, style, discipline and values. Right from the fitting of the shirt to its color and design, a pilot shirt conveys a sense of safety and reliability while still adhering to the standards of professionalism and uniformity that are essential in the aviation industry.

From the comfort and functionality to the sense of belonging it fosters among co-pilots and crew members, this article will throw light on benefits of wearing a premium pilot shirt. 

1. Professional & Tidy Appearance

A professional pilot shirt is an important part of a pilot's uniform, and it helps to convey a sense of professionalism and authority to passengers and crew members. By wearing a well-fitted and neatly pressed pilot shirt, pilots can command respect and establish a sense of trust with those around them.

2. Look Cool and Feel Comfortable

Pilots have to spend long hours in the cockpit. Hence, clothes that are made of comfortable and breathable fabric would be a preferred choice. Such a fabric won’t restrict their movement or cause any kind of discomfort. Our pilot shirts are made from lightweight, breathable materials that allow air to circulate and keep pilots cool and comfortable during long flights. Also fabric choices with respect to different geographic locations, more humid, hot summers. Pilots pack with different shirt fabrics as per destination, long haul.Inspite of Cargo pilots changing to pyjamas at 10,000 feet (-:

3. Functionality
Professional pilot shirts have epaulettes on the shoulders for ranks, flap pockets on the chest for storing paper,ID badge hook,pen, passports, button-up fronts that allow for easy access to a uniform underneath. These features enhance the functionality of the shirt and make it more useful for pilots in their day-to-day work. With bomcrewmall customisation it can also velcrop flap open or top open pocket as required.

4. Safety
Safety is an important feature for pilots and their attire should reflect that. For example, some shirts may include reflective strips or patches that help to increase visibility in low-light conditions, making it easier for pilots to be seen and reducing the risk of accidents or collisions.

5. Durable in Nature
Pilots spend long working hours in flights, and at times this would even extend to days. A pilot would want to focus on their work and not worry about changing their uniforms. Hence, a pilot shirt should be able to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. A pilot should be able to rely on their shirt to last for many flights, without taking the pain to replace it every now and then.

6. Branding
In few cases, professional pilot shirts may be branded with the logo or name of the airline or company that the pilot works for.

This helps to promote a sense of unity and identity among employees. Furthermore, it can also help to enhance the company's brand recognition among passengers and the public.

7. Unique Design
Whether it's the high collar, the epaulettes, or the flap pockets, these design elements make the shirt instantly recognizable as a pilot's uniform, and they help to enhance the sense of pride and identity that pilots have in their profession.

8. Cultural Significance
In some cultures, pilot shirts have a significant cultural or historical significance, and wearing a professional pilot shirt can be a way of honouring that tradition or heritage. For example, in some countries, the colour or style of a pilot shirt may be associated with a particular airline or region, and wearing that shirt can be a way of showing respect for that culture and its history.

9. Creates a Sense of Belonging
Finally, wearing a professional pilot shirt fosters a sense of community and belonging among pilots and crew members. Pilots and aviation professionals spend most of their working time on air. Pilots can establish a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect by wearing the same recognisable uniform. Moreover, they also feel a sense of belonging to a larger community of people.

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Saurabh Mishra
Saurabh Mishra

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