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  • Description
  • Why do i need this??
    To travel with efficient 2 piece luggage, your Suitcase and this Paperless Bag.
    -Black Color or Brown Color
    -Bag Size: L 17.25" x H 12.5" x W 8" (when expanded 10")
    -Geniune calf leather which matures with time and best hardware used.
    -Front part is Pilot accessories, pens, markers, flash light, phone and phone accessories. This pocket is also expandable for more stuff like pyjamas, walkaround vest, dopp kit.
    -Front outside zipper pocket carries EFB-Ipad plus extra personal tablet. Easy access for security checks
    -Back pocket for old or new clothes, shoes in a shoe bag,sleeping bag, car keys
    -In-built OPTIONAL HiddenBackpack arrangement
    -Secures Electronic Devices
    -Designed over 15 years of Pilot inputs and Insights
  • More Info
  • With bulky bags becoming obsolete, Paperless Airside Pilot Bags from Rodeo Drive are the smarter way to travel. This 'Paperless' leather pilot bag is meant for comfortably carrying various electronic devices, namely shipsets, EFB- iPad and tablets. It is popular with Delta, United, UPS, FedEx, Emirates and Gulfstream Pilots. This pilot bag is loaded with impressive features that have been incorporated after seeking inputs from 8000+ pilots and crew from different airlines over two decades. The design and size of this commuter bag can easily fit the rollerboard. The back deep pocket arrangement in this bag allows you to carry your personal stuff as well. The front pocket expands as much as the AirSide Commuter Bag. Upto two tablets can be easily placed in the outside pocket of this bag, making it easy for putting it in and taking it out of the bag. If you love to go handsfree, you can also request for a built-in backpack arrangement. This pilot bag/ commuter bag looks best in black.

  • Backpack OR No Backpack

    Backpack Paperless Airside Pilot Bag advantage:

    -The bag straps are hidden

    -Preferred by all cargo pilots, as no jet way, long walks to airports, its handsfree, and needed if you commercial on a flight

    Without Backpack Paperless Airside Pilot Bag

    -Airlines like Delta, backpack is a NO by their uniform police

    - its a cleaner look and lightweight

    My take: I highly recommend  backpack paperless bag as the straps are hidden and really useful, saved my back when bag is heavy