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  • Description
  • •Available in Soft Lambskin or Heavier Calf Leather
    •Our Jackets are tweaked for Feminine look, the collar is a touch smaller at the outer point, the outside pockets are touch smaller, the zipper is the womens way as it should be, the size fitting and jacket length is made so it really looks like a sharp Womens Aviator Jacket. We ensure the fit and female look, no matter what
    •Color BROWN
    •Compliance with FedEx Uniform Police
    •Looks A2 military jacket in front
    •Back is Navy G1 action pleated
    •Prefect for Walkarounds in Alaska winters packed with attitude and style.
    •Customisation Yes , why buy a size 6 0r 8 ?, when you can get size 7. Leather Jacket has been worn by early aviators and military since 1900s and it comes in a package of attitude, heritage and surprisingly is a versatile classic. No well-edited wardrobe is complete without one. A good leather jacket is built to last, age as you do and pair with more items than you can expect.

    Team Rodeo Drive has worked very hard over 3 decades to resolve and build Leather Jackets by understanding the Needs, Desires and Problems of the end users and leading the way for socially conscious business with our unique WIN WIN & WIN formula.
  • Leather Info
  • “Theres no such thing as bad weather, its the clothing, outerwear that may be bad or wrong.”

    Lambskin or Heavier calf leather? Which one is right for me.


    The highly recommended most well received by all male and female pilots. Its light weight, light on body, blends with body movement , is comfortable.

    If not used, lets say you are in dubai in winter, it packs away like a shirt does not occupy room in your suitcase and when you reach Europe, you have a jacket perfect for winter walkarounds.

    About winter protection, if i give 10 out 10 to calf leather, lambskin is 9 out 10, but if you go for atleast a zipout torso thinsulate liner option, this jacket os good for every weather.


    Calf Heavier Leather

    This is heavier than lambskin, but much lighter than our competitors, who make the jacket very very heavy and cardboardyy.

    Its the classic aviation Top Gun classic Biker look.

    Preferred by domestic pilots, who dont need this to pacaway on a trip.

    Leather is a bit natural small pebble grained look.

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